UI/UX Design for web app


UI/UX Design for web app

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Invision


The app is a tool that cleans outdated CRM lead data by providing fresh live data.

The main functionalities are: check which records are good, correct the ones that aren’t. The user can test the product by uploading for free up to 100 leads from their CRM and send them to be checked. After they use the first 100 credits they need to purchase more credits.


My role was to create the product starting from the client’s description of the functionalities. The process for this project was: research, wireframing, prototyping, UI Design.


The main challenge was to visually tell the story of the product and explain how it works. Another major challenge was to create the mechanics for getting the user to test the product in a frictionless manner.

In the homepage i had to visually represent the main functionalities of the app such ass checking and updating company records, email records and LinkedIn records.

In the "Try it out" section of the Home Page, users can upload a CSV file of up to 100 contacts with their first and last name, company and email address.

In the View Hidden Results Page the users can see a “tease” of sample cleaned-up data and some statistics represented by graphics.
Any free user can upload their file and check their entries, but to see actual results they will need to become a registered user.

The Dashboard is the main page for a logged-in user where he can see the files that he uploaded or are in-progress and where he can perform actions like: upload a new file, see past uploaded files, sort results&export as needed, connect to SFDC, buy more credits.

The Pricing Page explains the mechanics, restrictions, and prices for each of our user types & pricing tiers (Trial, Paid Membership, etc)

The Purchase Validation Page is the last one from the billing & checkout experience which follows the action of buying credits in the Pricing Page.