Leadership Development App, Mobile and Web


UI/ UX Redesign for leadership development, Mobile and Desktop

Tools used: Figma


The main focus of the app is leadership development through career direction and meaningful development. My role was to redesign the mobile app starting the existing application and to create the web portal for the Managers.


The goal of the app is to create unique engagement experiences and manage content through a beautifully designed dashboard. One challenge was to define the purpose of the dashboard which is to show critical information quickly to users as they are engaged in time-sensitive tasks.

Another challenge was to define the layout and flow for the dashboard and other elements of the app. The solution was to experiment with multiple design versions together with the client to see which is most effective.

In order for redesign to be successful me and the client had a detailed planning. I took the time to perform pre-project research and  become familiar with existing content. Involving the client in the process was also  crucial.


The deliverables were high fidelity designs for mobile and web, a design system and a prototype.

Redesign Solutions for Mobile App

1. Increase the visibility of key features in the app for easy access, like using cards and diagrams on the Home screen.
2. Redesign the current Project Creation journey to help the user reach a good understanding of what the next steps are.
3. A better use of colors and making the buttons/header information to stand out.
4. Include features that will be meaningful and intuitive for users, like using icons for the library cards.

Manager Dashboard UI UX

In contrast to the regular user app, the Manager dashboard provide the user with at-a-glance information used for analysis and decision making.

The challenge was choosing the right chart type and avoid users confusion and data misinterpretation by putting all the information into context.