Mobile and desktop App for AI Project


Mobile and desktop App for AI Project

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Figma


The App helps project managers make sense of people’s collective insights for better project outcomes.

The goal of the app is to capture information about each team member’s individual using Crowdsourced Stakeholder Mapping. The app also gathers and measure project sentiment, engagement and confidence for better decision making by using a survey.

The process

For this project i started from the description of the functionalities and a base structure which was already implemented. The process in creating the app was:

• Planning new features and improvements • Designing the UI • Delivering  assets to the Dev team • Shape further the UI • Create and optimize visual touchpoints, including the presentation website


The deliverables were high fidelity designs for desktop and  mobile. I also designed the Landing Page of the product.


I designed a few quick screens outlining the value of the app and/or some basics on how to get around. I used a simple, static introduction which serves as a welcome mat for new users.

App Screens

We tracked and monitored sentiment data over time using a survey. The main challenge was the question design and layouts for the navigation in the About Me section.

Using KeyLines visualization, I created the design for My Map which functionalities to select or add the nominated stakeholders in a hierarchical way.

Desktop App

Landing Page