Mobile and Web App with three user roles


Mobile and Web App with three user roles

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Figma


My role was to design three apps as part of the Agrisoft suite of applications starting from the description of the functionalities from the client.

Each of the three apps corresponds to a user role: Customer, Truck Driver and Sales Representative.

My process for this project was: research, creating the flowchart, wireframing, prototyping, UI design.


The deliverables were high fidelity design and prototype of the app in Figma showcasing the concept.

Customer app

The Customer app has the main functionality to send an order for animal food products directly by the clients.

Truck Driver app

The Truck Driver app is centered around viewing and managing
the loads which exist for each driver with the finality to complete the delivery.

Sales Representative app

The Sales Representative app has two modules: Costumers module for viewing the list of clients and making orders in their behalf and Orders module for viewing past orders the Sales person made.

Desktop App

The application is designed to run on  desktop computers and the goal of the design process is to produce an application that looks modern and provides users with an intuitive user experience. The customer module that the initial designs will focus on is similar to a CRM solution – it manages all the customers in the software and all of the details related to the customer’s account.

The main purpose of the customer module is to allow a user to search for a customer and then to view and manage all information about the customers account.