Product design for loyalty mobile app


UI/UX Design for mobile app

Tools used: Figma


The product is a loyalty platform working on browser and destined for mobile use. The app helps brands nurture a better relationship with their customers and builds loyalty by retaining consumers and improving their lifetime value.

The app has three user roles: consumer, staff and outlet manager. With the consumer role the user can scan the QR code on different products to earn rewards and join loyalty programs. With the staff and outlet manager roles the app captures every item including the price, time of sale, location or outlet, the consumer and serving staff .


The deliverables were the main screens of the app as well different customer flows customized for several campaign types. All the work was done on Figma and there were several people collaborating on the project.

The process

My role was to create the product starting from the existing app. I started by testing the app and suggesting small improvements at first. The main directions were to improve the navigation inside the app, redesign home cards to make it easier for users to scan the available information, design empty state screen, help the user reach a good understanding of the app’s main functionalities.

Consumer Role

When redesign home cards one of the main challenges was to find a layout which is not distracting to the users given the fact that the participating brands wanted to show custom campaign images.

Another challenge was the client onboarding. The onboarding is done by scanning a QR code on banners inside partner locations. It was highly likely that the first time users will expect they would get something valuable from the app and they will have to be immediately convinced.

When creating the multi-tiered campaigns for customers, one of the challenge was structuring the steps and showing them inside a progress tracker so the progress is easy to understand and visual at the same time.


Staff and Outlet Manager Roles

The Outlet Manager role is similar to the Staff role, the main difference being the campaigns destined for each type. An Outlet Manager campaign focuses on tracking the loyalty campaign progress in real-time, maximize the sales per loyal customer and optimize the spending. The functionalities shared by these two roles are sending referrals to customers, scanning and validating consumption and rewards, all actions having the main goal to be rewarded for loyalty.