Medical app, UI/UX Redesign


Medical app, UI/UX Redesign

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Invision


Sked24 is a cloud-based platform for all healthcare providers in the medical industry. Its goal is to help the user manage a large number of resources and optimize how they use existing ones. The main functionalities are smart appointment scheduling, fully automated reminders, multiple services for patients, and quickly made appointments for patients.

The app has two parts with each corresponding to a user role: the back end panel for call center operators and the admin panel for administrators.

For this project i had to redesign the whole UI with improvements in functionality and interaction. New features and screens were also added.

Online Platform

The product is currently in development and user testing.


It was essential for this project to consider the feasibility of my design through the project’s engineers feedback.

One of the main challenges was to find the best sequence of actions that the user takes as he interacts with the interface when dealing with complex processes. Take, for example, resource planning, creating rules and setting up appointments.

An important part of the process was gathering user feedback, testing the product, and meeting their needs. We also identified solutions such as redesigning the flow and adding/removing features.

Back End Panel

Back end panel for call center operators. The calendar shows the days and the number of appointments a medical center has during that day. We used filters to have faster results when making an appointment . The back office user can search for a patient and then select a hour/day from the right panel in order to add an appointment.

List screen showing medical centers

List screen showing appointments, the entries can have different statuses such as: booked, confirmed, cancelled, performed, not performed, checked in, blocked

Administrator Panel

The admin panel is a tool for medical center administrators. The widgets used in the Dashboard are still in user testing as we are gathering feedback.

Availability List – time slots and services a resource is available for booking. Offers an overview of the entries as well as the possibility to create new entries.

Resource capacity planner- identify gaps in availability creation by comparing the theoretical capacity of a resource with the created availabilities.

History- all the actions made by all the users. This was a new feature required for the platform.