UI and Logo Design for support network


UI and Logo Design for support network

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Invision


Reachout is a peer support App for those dealing with mental health and other chronic illnesses.

The goal of the app is  to share among those who understand what you are going through and collectively manage your conditions and relationships better.

Major goals in redesigning the app were:
1. Increase visibility of key features in the app for easy access like using the filter “Challenges” which slides down from the top.
2. Include features that will be meaningful and intuitive for users like using icons for challenges in posts, filters, and profile page and also the design of a special button for “Send a Hug,”


For this project I had to completely redesign the UI/UX. I also designed the app icon and the presentation website.

Online App


Redesigning the app started with analyzing the context and the previous attempt to design. That attempt had problems that needed to be solved, in order to craft a new version. A good understanding of the product was reached through observation and/or research of the current solution.