Redesign for route tracking mobile app


Redesign for route tracking mobile app

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Invision


EasyRider’s main functionalities are to track, share and discover the best motorbike routes. Tracking refers to the route’s time, speed, distance, cornering performance and position on map. When saving a track this will show on the user’s crew news feed. Saved routes from user’s crew members will be visible to all crew.


For this project i started with the old app screen as reference. The deliverable was a new UI, more intuitive and with a clean look.


One of the main challenges was to provide an intuitive and simple to use interface for the user to track his route. To reach this goal i needed to analyse the initial design implemented and build upon. I tried thinking further to understand the user goals and discover the moods of EasyRider. Thus I further defined the visual part with colour, space, and shape.