UI/UX Design for budget App


UI/UX Design for budget App

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator


The budget app is designed to be very simple. It takes away the pain of focusing on individual budgets. Instead, the app’s purpose is to determine the overall health of a household’s financial situation and its development over time, which is what 90% of households really need. The app does this by separating fixed (unchangeable) spending from variable spending. The health indicator can be refreshed by simply updating the accounts’ balances.


The deliverables were high fidelity designs for mobile.


The goal was to make the app to look fresh, easy and “hip”. The design had to reflect the joy to work with it every day.

Mobile Screens

After installation, the user is guided through a wizard where he enters his fixed recurring bills, his regular income, and his accounts with balances.

The dashboard has the following information : 1. Budget Tracker: Compares the month’s time progression  against the spending progress of the variable, monthly spending budget. 2. Budget Trend: A global health indicator which compares the last few months and indicates whether the household’s spending was under or over the allowed variable budget. 3. All accounts, each one with minimum information.