UI/UX Design for health platform


UI/UX Design for health app, Mobile and Web

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Invision


Drop is a personalized digital health company. It’s mission is to help families better manage their health and receive early warning about chronic disease using machine learning and finger-prick blood conveniently taken at home.


For this project i created the UI/UX starting from the description of the functionalities. The deliverables were high-fidelity mockups and a prototype in Invision.

Mobile - Trial app

The app works on the desktop and mobile, letting users have the same experience regardless of their device. There are two apps each corresponding to a user role: Trial and Customer.

The Trial process includes Onboarding as well as the Dashboard. The Trial Dashboard purpose is to show the user when each item of the trial needs to be completed.

Mobile - Customer app

Customers provide blood sample and answer questions that relate to lifestyle. The data shown in the dashboard is an analysis of their blood sample, individual blood markers, overall inflammation score, analysis of their lifestyle.

Desktop app

The goal when designing  both the Mobile app and the Desktop app was and making data visualisation really easy to understand.

The challenges were showing what is good vs. what is bad for blood markers and lifestyle and  designing the data so it isn’t overly negative.