UI/ UX Redesign for desktop and mobile


UI/ UX Redesign for leadership development, mobile and desktop

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Invision


The main focus of the app is leadership development through career direction and meaningful development. My role was to redesign the mobile app starting the existing application and to create the web portal for the HR Analytics.


In order for redesign to be successful me and the client had a detailed planning. I took the time to perform pre-project research and  become familiar with existing content. Involving the client in the process was also  crucial.

Development Projects

The dashboard shows the active Development Projects which are organised into milestones, actions and personalized reminders to help the user reach their goal. When the user is creating a new Development Project the app suggests best categories through which talent can be developed.

Leadership Experiences

My Profile is a central element in visualizing the diversity of the Leadership Experiences gained. The app automatically uploads a CV and each role contributes to the creation of the profile graph.

Learn On The Go and Analytics

One of the main functionalities are on-the-job learning through reflections which acts like an interactive coach. This module also provides learning analytics showing the development and progression.

HR Analytics Dashboard

The HR Analytics Portal provides managers with immediate insights into their team’s development plans, activities and progress.