UX/UI Redesign for healthcare web app


UX/UI Redesign for healthcare web app

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Invision


The app is a patient and provider portal platform that delivers solutions for electronic medical record management.

There are several features in the app which empower the patient and increase the productivity of the providers: Access Medical Records, Personal Health Record (PHR), Secure messaging, Appointment management, Online bill payment, Health Monitoring Devices, Patient education material, Health Information Exchange.


My role was to redesign the app giving it a new look and feel. The process for this project was: research, UI Design, implementing feedback from the developers.


 The portal consolidates patient information from all the electronic health records into a single platform, so patients can go to one place to get all their medical records. One of the main challenges was finding a consistent way to organize all the content because of the large amount of data.


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Medical Records