UI/UX Design for events Portal


UI/UX Design for events Portal

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


The portal helps vendors to optimize business operations, connecting them with the right clients and making it effortless to receive leads, generate proposals, and manage and close deals.

There are two user roles: 1. Event planners – planning & managing events for their clients 2. Vendors – offering event services (e.g. Catering).


For this project i created the UI/UX starting from the description of the functionalities and wireframes. The deliverables were high-fidelity mockups and a prototype in Invision.


Dashboard contains the table where the event organizer can manage all the event’s cost elements.


In the Brief screen the event organizer can choose the list of requirements for each cost category. The requirements will be shown when the vendors will send offers to the organizers.

Manage Proposals

 The Manage Proposals screen contains the list of vendors which sent proposals to the event organizer. There are two states for this screen, first with a list of received proposals and second with a list of request of offers.

Proposal Details

In the Proposal Details screen the event planner views the detailed proposal from the vendor in order to make a decision.

Vendor Details