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Top Class Full Stack Designer

Teaming up with companies to work on meaningful product missions.

Case studies

I take on complex design problems and deliver elegant, usable solutions driven by visual and interaction design best practices.

Management and Collaboration App for Events

SaaS Platform Designed to Enhance Team Engagement

Problem Solving & Customer Empathy

I’m a true advocate for the users and anything that doesn’t ultimately help them sets off an alarm in my mind. I take time to understand the company goals and integrate them into the design strategy. 

Design Knowledge & Execution

I share my design expertise with the team and contribute to high-level strategic decisions with Product and Design leadership. I iterate and perfect when we prioritize designing features that were validated.

Teamwork & Collaboration

I work closely with Engineers when implementing my work. I build a fantastic rapport with Product Managers and Executive Team. I am always flexible and open to new ideas.

My type of collaboration is:

Remote/flexible to relocate

I'm located in Bucharest, Romania.

+40 747 772 898

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