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Health app targeting women

Drop is a personalized digital health company. Its mission is to help families better manage their health and receive an early warning about chronic diseases using machine learning and a finger prick's worth of blood conveniently taken at home.

The users participate in a trial and will also be asked a range of questions about lifestyle and complete an inclusion survey. By analyzing blood samples it tracks stress and inflammation and their progress over time.




Visual Design

Tools Used


Onboarding and data visualization

One of the main challenges was to provide a frictionless onboarding experience with optimal UX. The onboarding screen illustrates the users journey from completing the survey, creating an account and the steps required to ship their blood sample kit and view their result.

The data will show an analysis of the user's blood sample, individual blood markers, overall inflammation score, and analysis of their lifestyle. The challenges were showing what is good vs what is bad for blood markers and designing the data so it isn’t overly negative.