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Bidding for pre-owned electronics in Dubai

Northladedr's business concept enables consumers to sell their electronic devices directly on their web platform, which are then re-sold through a bidding process. In addition to creating the web platform, I created a mobile app where people bid on pre-owned electronics.

Registering as a user and onboarding is straightforward for everyone, though the creation of the account is done after a representative is validating the company’s documents.




Visual Design

Tools Used


Bidding is a straight-forward experience

I designed an experience that encourages dealers to constantly update their bids and win devices. For this, I created custom labels to let them know whether they are winning or need to increase their bid.

Every time a bid reaches the winning range, the system will automatically deliver the item until it reaches the requested quantity. This is because the item's availability depends on stocks built when people are selling their devices on the client platform. When a bid reaches the first rank, the items delivered will be flawless, differing from bids in the winning range. In the second case, the items delivered will be lower-grade devices.

Just so you won’t forget about your balance, the app shows you a track of your activity so you can follow up with all the devices received, in transit or returned.