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Portal for selling your pre-owned electronics

Selling your electronic device can be complicated, and the buying process is uncertain. Northladder's vision is to make it easy for everyone by providing a smart way to sell your gadgets. The process is a simple 3 steps: you find out instantly how much it's worth, the courier comes to pick it up for free, Northladder takes care of the whole sale and the client receives the money in cash.

The outcome was a web app with an impactful millennial-focused brand, modern UI design and a flawless user experience on both mobile and desktop/laptop.

Users can browse for their type of device and obtain an estimate as soon as they land on the page. Next, they can update their details and get a live price corresponding to different quality grades. A request to sell the pre-owned device can be quickly made by choosing the store they will visit or opting for a home pick-up.

One of my most important goals was to make the experience flawless on the mobile by delivering a simple user flow, clean visual style and optimal interaction.




Visual Design

Tools Used